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Infusion Therapy

What is Infusion Therapy?

Infusion therapy is generally believed to be a kind of treatment, where the medication or the fluids have been administered through a needle or catheter. This is another way of delivering medication that can be taken orally, or need to be dispensed at a controlled space. The other types of Infusion Therapy include the following:

  1. Epidural
  2. Intramuscular
  3. Subcutaneous.

Some of the drugs during the infusion therapy cannot be taken orally, as they turn out to lose out their effectiveness while they are exposed to the digestive system. This therapy is an alternative while there is no comparable oral therapy even when you are unable to take oral medication.

This therapy has also been used to deliver nutrition along with many other kinds of medications. This includes

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Biologics
  3. Blood factors
  4. immunoglobulin replacement
  5. immunotherapy
  6. inotropic heart medications
  7. chemotherapy
  8. corticosteroids
  9. growth hormones

Different Conditions the Infusion Therapy is Used for:

Chemotherapy is generally believed to be the most common treatment to treat cancer. While some are given orally even today, many will be administered through IV.

Infusion therapy allows for the delivery of chemotherapy directly into your blood streams. This also enables you to receive anti nausea and other medications without having the need of using more needles. This therapy is not just for all the cancer patients, but even for the ones who are suffering from the following Disorders.

  1. Immune deficiencies
  2. Infections that are generally considered to be unresponsive to oral antibiotics
  3. Pain
  4. Dehydration
  5. Autoimmune disorders
  6. And the last but not the least congestive heart failure.

What Can you expect from this?

Infusion therapy generally takes place in a proper clinical setting, for example the doctors office, hospital or the infusion center. Some of the therapy can be given by the health care providers at home. And every session would mean having a new needle stick. So if you have to go through more therapy treatments, then your doctor’s would recommend you to a standard IV line.

Whatever settings you have to go through, the IV therapy is something that is administered only by nurses, trained professionals. The entire process requires careful monitoring, so if this is something that is taking more time then there is some sort of control mechanism being attached to the line ensuring there Is proper delivery.

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