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Low Testosterone Treatment St. Louis, MO, Mens Clinic

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What is Testosterone?

 Testosterone is generally believed to be the hormone responsible for the development of the male sexual characteristics. The hormones present in Testosterone are the chemical messengers that turn out to trigger all the necessary changes in the body. Females too turn out to produce Testosterone, but in small amounts.

When the levels of Testosterone drop down below the levels that are generally considered to be unhealthy they then lead to different kinds of conditions like hypogonadism and infertility. However studies have shown that people with low testosterone can turn out to boost up their levels at ease. Low testosterone has turned out to become common these days. And the supplements to these have increased fivefold since the year 2012.

Why is Testosterone important for boys and men?

Testosterone turns out to help in bringing in the physical changes, turning the boy into the man. This particular time in a man is called puberty. The changes that they get to see in a man is

  1. Growth of the penis and testes.
  2. Growing taller.
  3. Development of bones and muscles.
  4. Growth of facial, pubic and body hair.
  5. Change in the voice.

Men need to have a balance amount of hormones to make sperm that will help them have children at ease.

What Causes Testosterone?

As the man continues to age, the amount of testosterone body gradually turns out to drop. This is something that turns out to drop once they reach 30, and continues to happen throughout his life. Some of the major causes of Testosterone include the following:

  1. Acute or chronic illness.
  2. Alcohol abuse.
  3. HIV / AIDS
  4. Kidney failure
  5. Chemotherapy for cancer
  6. Dysfunction or tumors in the pituitary gland.
  7. Aging
  8. Puberty delay
  9. Trauma head injury

What are the Major Symptoms of Testosterone? 

The symptoms and causes both depend on the age of the person and include the following:

  1. Low sex drive
  2. Loss of muscular strength
  3. Fatigue
  4. Moodiness and irritability
  5. Difficulty in concentration and memory
  6. Depressed mood
  7. Decrease in body hair.
  8. Increased body fat
  9. Thinning of bones
  10. Infertility

What are the diagnosis and test for Testosterone? 

Testosterone is generally diagnosed by measuring the right amount of testosterone present in the blood cells. And it takes a huge process to determine if a patient has has low testosterone, since the levels turn out to change throughout the day and don't be the same every time. The right time to know the levels of testosterone are around 8. am in the morning. This is one of the major reasons why doctors prefer to measure testosterone levels in the morning.

How Can Testosterone be Tested?

This can be treated by testosterone replacement therapy, given in different ways.

  1. Intramuscular injections that is usually given every 10 to 14 days.
  2. Testosterone patches that are applied to the different parts of the body, including the buttocks, arms and abdomen.
  3. The gels that are applied every day to clean the skin of the upper arm and back.
  4. Pallets that are implanted under the skin for every two months.

Can this be prevented?

There is no way that testosterone can be prevented, as this is caused with the damage done to the testes or the pituitary gland. Having a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition, exercise, weight management and avoiding alcohol and drugs can help in keeping the testosterone levels normal.

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