What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most common sex issue that the men have been reporting to their doctors. This is a Dysfunction that turns out to effect 1 in 5 men, and this number continues to grow bigger with the age.

ED or Erectile Dysfunction is defined as the difficulty the man turns out to face in keeping a firm erection while having sex. And without having a right treatment done Erectile Dysfunction can make sex difficult for you.

So if you have been facing Erectile Dysfunction, then it's time that you have a talk with your doctor even if you feel embarrassed. Sometimes having a treatment done for an underlying condition is better than having the worse of it. In most of the cases medications and other direct treatments might be required to it. This again depends on person to person.

What are the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Getting an erection sometimes and not always while you are having sex.
  • Having an erection but does not last long enough for sex.
  • Not getting an erection.

ED can also turn out to be a symptom of another health problem you are going through.

What Are the Causes?

ED as stated above, is a Dysfunction that can be caused by a number of factors including:

Trauma: Even a small injury can contribute to the various symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

Neurological Disorder: The nerves that believe to send out impulses to the penis, can be damaged when you have a stroke or have been suffering from diabetes.

Vascular Disease: The blood that flows to the penis is blocked, or is narrowed resulting in the vascular diseases like atherosclerosis which generally means the hardening of the arteries.

Psychological Disorders: The psychological Disorders include stress, depression and the last but not the least stimulus from the anxiety of brain and performance anxiety.

Apart from the above mentioned causes, there are certain feelings too that can also lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Feeling nervous while having sex.
  • Depression
  • Your partner is reacting negatively towards you.
  • Stressed due to family and work.
  • Feeling conscious about your body, as well as your performance while having sex.

How Can Erectile Dysfunction be diagnosed?

Erectile Dysfunction can be easily diagnosed without any problem. And if this is something that you are concerned about then have a talk to your doctor. He or she will definitely want to make sure that ED is  not related to any other health condition of yours.

Your doctor's will also wish to examine you physically, and ask various questions related to the symptoms you are facing. He or she might also ask you to do a urine tests, and might consider a few other tests that will help you rule out the other conditions.

How can this be prevented or avoided?

This is something that completely depends on what has been causing you Erectile Dysfunction. Below given are some of things you can do in order to prevent the disorder.

  • Avoid drinking, smoking and taking drugs.
  • Check with your doctor if ED is just a kind of a side effect, of a medicine that you have been taking.
  • Make sure you have your blood pressure and sugar controlled.
  • Try to relax your self. And make sure you avoid taking stress completely.


What Kind of treatment is required for Erectile Dysfunction?

The treatment totally depends on what has been causing it. If this is something that is caused by uncontrolled blood pressure and sugar, then you need to follow the prescription as given by your doctor.

And if your doctor has pointed out some other causes, then he or she may prescribe you with the medicines like Sildenafil (brand name: Viagra), tadalfil (brand name Cialis), and the last but not the least lavardenafil (brand name Levitra). This can be taken directly by mouth helping you maintain an erection.

Please note that not everyone are allowed to use these medicines. Your doctor may even talk to you about alprostadil. This is something that can be inserted into your penis, or inserted inside the hole at the end of the penis. It is your doctor who will decide what is best for you.


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