Cardiovascular risks assessment:

Cardiovascular diseases, eg heart attacks and strokes are the leading causes of death. Both the diseases share a common pathology, that is cholesterol build up in the arterial wall and eventually narrowing of the arteries.

Narrowing of the arteries are also one of the main reasons of ED. There are lots of studies that suggest that history of ED is also associated with heart attack and stroke. Here in the Mens Clinic Center we take a preventive approach. We have the capability to assess for the cardiovascular risks from some biological markers ( blood test) and imaging studies ( echocardiogram and carotid ultra sound ).

We put these numbers in a computer aided model to predict the risks of heart attack and stroke in next 10 years and will guide you to prevent it.

In these ways we take care not only the ED and low T but also your general well-being.

To know further please make an appointment with one of our experienced providers.

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